About Me

I am a virtual assistant from Pakistan, who is working with Francis for more than two years and have already worked for more than 3000 hours. I assist him for his two websites and usually work 25-30 hours a week.

Working as a virtual assistant and especially with Francis is a wonderful experience for me. It works out very well for me, where I not only earn some extra money that helps me to pay my educational expenses, but I also learn some useful skills such as website management and search engine optimization.

What attracts me the most about working as a freelancer is working on flexible hours. It allows me to work at any time and from anywhere. I really enjoy working as a freelancer and I am seriously looking forward to opt this opportunity as a full-time profession.

About My Employer

Francis is an entrepreneur and a chemist, who has experienced the Four Hour Work Week lifestyle of cooperating with a virtual assistant for more than 4 years.  

He wants to share my work schedule with you so that you can see behind the scenes what working with a virtual assistant is really like. 

He hopes that you are inspired enough by the time saved by my work to consider working with a virtual assistant yourself. For that he has created a free email coaching course, leading you through all the lessons he has learned on how to manage, hire and profit from a virtual assistant as much as possible.

You can signup to this coaching course on the right column.

About His Websites

Francis and I are working on two websites. One of them is about outsourcing and virtual assistants


The other website is a hobby website from Francis, where he puts down his experiences and fun ideas from his college time.


(Because of search engine optimization purposes, it makes no sense to link directly to this party site. Its subjects are party games and Truth or Dare. 

If you’re interested, please copy the link above in a new window of your browser. 

At the moment, I am working on updating this party games’ website on a semi-automatic mode. Francis only has to proofread some results and gives some basic input. Everything else I take care of.)