Work Update - Content 2.0 Administration Support

Work Period: April 14 & 16, 2015
Hours Worked: 8:50 @$3.50/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $27.83*
                          (*Exclusive of $3.09 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

Content 2.0 Administration Support:

    • Received another Wedgie dare story. This submission is a response of the 7-Days Wedgie Dare Autoresponder. I have published the story after minor cleaning up (Wasn't expecting that). Since the story has less than 300 words, therefore I have merged the post into an existing page: Funny Wedgie Stories.
    • One of the story was too adult and explicit, so I moved that to Adult content folder 

Google Analytics Split-testing
  • Split tests for the following pages have been completed, so I implemented the winners as primary pages and created new split-tests with different variations for all pages.
Other Administrative Support 
  • Received a comment on the Ideal-Helper site, which has an external link. Also received a similar comment on the party games site, but I am not sure whether I should keep these comments, delete them or should I only remove the external link. Please advise.
  • Cleaned up the Google link-building spreadsheet by removing those links where previous comments have been declined or posted without a link. 
  • Also researched for more potential links where we can send new comments. 
  • Read the C2 modification release forum post about setting up Adsense aggressivity. Before implementing the changes suggested within the post, I first checked both websites for current ads displaying on C2 pages. I have checked many of the content 2.0 pages from both sites and above 90% of our C2 pages already have a 336x280 unit at the top. 
  • Listened to the audio email where you discussed the Christmas Dare project, and also asked to listen to the coaching Skype conversation. However, I did not listened to the Skype conversation yet. But based on some given feedback, I researched and downloaded a Microsoft Word Template for playing cards and created first page so that you take prints and see if the printed size is good enough for playing cards. Please have a review of: print and test this template.docx.