Thursday, March 12, 2015

Work Update - Virtual Administrative Support

Work Period: Mar 12 & 13, 2015
Hours Worked: 10:20 @$3.50/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $32.55*
                          (*Exclusive of $3.62 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

About C2 Merge Stories: 
  • About a high priority video which you recorded in relevance to C2 merged stories, this file was finished by Jomvie some time ago, but I haven't implemented it yet because it still requires your review. Please have a review of C2 Title and Description Francis review 2.xlsx and let me know if its okay to implement.

Google Analytics Experiments:
  • Created Adsense Split test for the following pages:  

Outsourcing Service Research:
  • Reference to a high priority audio where you asked me to research services similar to oDesk, I have researched some outsourcing services where you can hire virtual assistants less than $1.
  • Unfortunately, the researched results are not very good. However here are some of the services where you can find and hire virtual assistants below $1.
  • I think the best resource to hire a virtual assistant from or hire someone from oDesk on a fixed price project.

Self Productivity Tracking Software:
  • About a high priority audio where you asked me to research a  time-tracking software for yourself, my suggestion would still be to use TimeDoctor for tracking your own time. Timedoctor also has a solo plan where you can it just for yourself. The solo plan will cost you only $5 per month.

Christmas Dares Project:
  • Created Christmas Dare cards collage with the new card design and added into the Christmas Dares (LinkTBR) page
  • Also replaced the third image with Card box pack.
  • The page is about 90% finished. Just sales forms need to be added into the page.
  • About a high priority audio where you have asked me to create rotating backup ads, unfortunately I couldn't find the T&T article about how to create and rotate backup ads.
  • Changed the How to Get Girls to Play Truth or Dare to one column layout similar to Christmas Truth or Dare Page.

PPG Site Update:
  • Converted PPG homepage to BB2.
  • Also as you asked that you have changed the focused page of Flea page to "Flea control in the home", but the file-name of the said page is still 'flea.html'
Other Administrative Support: 
  • There were a lot of pending audio files that were lying in the high priority folder, but most of them were obsolete. However, I have to listen them anyway. Most of them were about design changes and implementation. 
  • Found a video about the Registrant research task (2015-03-03_21-30-18.mp4) which is synchronized today on my Dropbox. It is a bit strange because I already have worked on this and the task is paused after your latest instructions. I think there is some problem in Dropbox and the video synced late.
  • Checked both sites for "Submission thumbnails are displayed" but couldn't find any invitation where submission thumbnails are deactivated.
  • Compared and updated DUYP monetization folders from Main Dropbox folder and Jomvie's shared folder, updated the Dropbox folder and then deleted the Jomvie's folder.

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