Friday, October 10, 2014

Work Update - Transcription and Content 2.0 Administrative Support

Work Period: Oct 09 & 10, 2014
Hours Worked: 10:00 @$2.22/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $20.00*
                          (*Exclusive of $2.20 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

  • Jomvie has asked me to watch a video from his high priority video. I have watched the video, made all changes that were supposed to be implemented by me and jotted down the details I should discuss with Jomvie.

  • Posted another transcribed Bloglet
  • Submitted another Bloglet about Rescuetime, but did not publish it. I have scheduled it to be published tomorrow. 
  • Abi has also transcribed all remaining diet blog posts that I have moved to the Diet Blog Posts folder.

Form Build It! project for both websites:
  • Similar to Ideal-helper I have also collected all information for part games website as well, please review  IH-DUYP Implementation.xlsx
  • Regarding the video where you asked me where I'm unclear about the further instructions, at the moment I need some clarification for the 3rd point "Brainstroming". I am not sure how and why I should brainstorm keywords.

AWeber to MoM Preparations:
  • Made following changes after watching the video recorded for moving our email list from AWeber to SBI! Mail-out-Manager.
    • Made all changes you advised to Dares Autoresponder thank you page including images and text links.
    •  After making these changes, removed the Confirmation Thank You page.
    • Fixed invitation jump links from Truth or Dare Questions 1 Page 
    • About RHC sign up form, it was not possible to make it similar to Aweber form (Not with SBI!). However, I have changed with the help of HTML and made it virtually identical as AWeber form. 
    • Then moved the sign up form to a SWdot.
    • Also fixed Google search widget form width because it was getting out of RHC.

Other Administrative Support:
  •  Received another short story (Sunburned) from Lynn. Since the story was less than 300 words, therefore I merged and created a separate page for Lynn's stories. Please review Lynn’s Naked Dare Stories with Wife and Friends
  • Received another user submitted story, but it was too explicit therefore I moved it to the Explicit content folder.
  • Distributed more party games website pages via RSS feed