Jomvie's Daily Work Update - Updating Video and Infographic

Work Period: Oct 05, 2014
Hours Worked: 9:12 @$2.50/hour
Money Paid to Jomvie: $22.90*
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

Date: October 4, 2014 (Saturday)

Work Update - Updating Video and Infographic

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Updating Project Infographic

This has been the most challenging infographic I had since I am using other tools now to add graphics and other icons. I am still in the getting-to-know stage of the tools that it took me a while to figure things out.

Dropbox Video

Getting to know with what I am doing. This is going to be the first video I am going to make and it’s exciting at the same time nervous for the outcome.

Date: October 5, 2014 (Sunday)

Work Update - Updating Videos and Infographic

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Dropbox Video

I started picking out some images and cropping and cutting them out to look decent and catchy to the eyes. This is not as easy as it sounds and I still have a long way to go. Just having fun while learning some new skill. Great to have this kind of job (The-Jack-of-All-trade).

Project Infographic

My only wish for this project is for the website’s continual smooth operation in catering the needs of their members. And as of today, the site is good, but my brain is saturated with ideas that needs some organizing.