Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jomvie's Daily Update - Administrative Task

Work Period: Sep 09, 2014
Hours Worked: 6:15 @$2.50/hour
Money Paid to Jomvie: $15.63*
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

 Ideal-Helper Comments
  • This task is a daily dosage that I shouldn’t miss :D there are times I am struggling on what to write and my only option is to skip from one link to another--it helps me so not to stagnate the ideas..
Internet’s ill service
  • While I started my day with replying/comment task, I was having a hard time getting into the page since my internet is on its another episode of bad service. I can’t change it yet due to my contract with the provider.

SBI Videos

  • I thought I still have a long way to watch over these tutorial videos, but I just watched the last video that didn’t even last for a a couple of minutes and I am still on “autoresponder hungover”. Hopefully, I will be able to know how it works technically.

    I had a good time watching these videos though for a nick of time I’ve learned some proper ways of building up a website and it’s far better than building up a WordPress site :D

Perks and Benefits in a nutshell
  • This is a post of perks and benefits of a virtual employee in details. I am just having a hard time in not making it sound like the other post about “perks and benefits” also.
  • Perks and benefits in a nutshell is an insider post of a virtual employee’s privileges working online.
  • I am just so happy to share this post from my own perspective and all the things that had happened to me while struggling from one employer to another. Being a virtual employee is not that simple and getting an employer online is not that easy--I think I might want to make a post out of it :D
  • I am trying to write anything here but within the border of perks and benefits for virtual employee only. This is not yet final--I still have a long queue of ideas waiting to burst out of my head

SOTAM infographic
  • “Add illustration: combined with outsourcing excellent price traffic for less than 1 cent cost-per-click--link to SOTAM T2 page"--this is an instruction from video-mail, but I apologize because I don’t have any idea about this part :D


  • For the very first time in two months, the only time I was able to log in to Piktochart and be able to edit my pending infographic--SOTAM :D