Friday, July 4, 2014

Work Update - State of the Art Mailer

Work Period: Jul 03 & 04, 2014
Hours Worked: 10:40 @$2.22/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $21.33*
                          (*Exclusive of $2.35 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

  • Listened to the audio where you have asked to share zero to hero eBook with Jomvie. I also have not read this book completely, today I read it in bits and chunks and I think Jomvie will become more confused after reading this because of its complicated material. However, it would be beneficial if he reads the entire eBook and understands it. For this I have sent him an email to read the eBook in sections. Read the first section (i.e introduction) and then we will discuss this on Skype, I will try to answer his questions (If I couldn't answer a question, I will refer it to you) and will then move forward.
  • Although it's a little late to ask, but I also have another question about why you have chosen "sotam" particularly to write a tier page. Because Sotam is definitely note the best list mailer. Also if someone only hires a person for Sotam credit generation, it wouldn't be cost effective. Another thing is, that if someone only uses Sotam, he would be entitled to email 3000/5 days, which means 15000 mails per month, and as per our calculations only 2.64% (396 subscribers) will click on the link. And according to the eBook Hero from Zero, only 2% (less than 8 members) of these would signup to the email course. So definitely, this doesn't sound good in real that you will only have 8 subscribers per month.
  • Where as if we use multiple list mailing services and send 100,000 emails per month, the actual conversion rate would be 80 subscribers per month (as we have an average 4% flat CTR for all list mailers). So it sounds good 80 subscribers per month instead of just 8 subscribers by using only Sotam.   
  • Also we can tell our readers that we have shortlisted these 9 list mailers after split testing over 20 services, and kept these 9 best services based on their performance.

SBI! 26 Installment Email Course:
  • Read SBI! forum post regarding 26 installments Auto-responder feature. Setting up a 26 installment Auto-responder is really easy, You just need to set up at least 2 emails to activate this function.
  • You can also expand the existing e-mail coursed by adding more emails. Here is how you can add more installments to existing Auto responders.
  • I have also inserted the 26-installment test Auto-responder into Index-2 page and then signed up to the list as you advised.

Authpro Membership Area Update:
  • I have investigated about how to offer a trial period with Authpro and then convert that into a paid membership when the trial ends. Please see Authpro trial and paid membership.docx to see my researched results.  

Other Administrative Tasks:
  • Sent more email messages via all list mailing accounts.
  • Surfed 50 ads on list surfing to become active member. This is necessary to surf at least 50 ads each month to become active.
  • Distributed more party games pages via RSS feed.
  • Read SBI! tips and techniques article about How To Stay Ahead in Your Niche Using Monitor It! and Feed43 and also investigated if its possible to shares selective news-feeds with someone else (you in this case), which is only possible with a paid account. The other best suitable possibility is that Jomvie would screen all newsfeeds and then share the relevant links with you using a Google spreadsheet.  Please let me know when you want to start this project, I will need to create basic instructions and preparations for this task.  
  • I have started watching videos about Converting List Traffic, created tracking links for different titles and have also started tracking their performance.
  • Had a Skype conversation with Jomvie and discussed party games adult and membership pages and asked him to provide his feedback on this.