Friday, June 27, 2014

Jomvie's Daily Work Update - Earning Credits with SOTAM

Work Period: Jun 27, 2014
Hours Worked: 6:00 @$2.50/hour
Money Paid to Jomvie: $15.00*
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

Ideal-helper Proofreading
  • Starting with a neutral task--just like getting warm with your brain until it works effectively. And this task is just right :)

Ideal-Helper Comments
  • I wrote comments for Ideal-Helper--waiting for approval.

  • Finally, I had my hand on sending emails for Project SOTAM.
  • I was able to send 3000 emails to random SOTAM members. I hope I will get a good click rate result.

Additional Note/s
  • Start A Online Business - this is a task from the main virtual assistant that needs proofreading
  • To Main VA --First Outsourcing Infographic caption--> “I made this infographics using only photoscape. How is this for a first try?”
  • Button Escalation System Infographic is done--waiting for feedbacks and update
  • I am grateful and happy doing infographic stuff in the sense that it makes me feel being challenged. It’s difficult for me on how to start the designs because in the end I might change them all over again.
  • I wanted to do this task--only that I don’t have grand and decent tools. But all in all, the outcome is quite satisfactory :) looking forward to create more so I can hone my skills in graphic design through this task.
  • I am now updating the Outsourcing infographic--will continue tomorrow and consume my allotted 40 hours.
  • I would like to know the file location for the video regarding “safelist-SOTAM”