Monday, March 17, 2014

Work Update - Uploading of Full-time VA's Work Diary to Blogger

Work Period: Mar 13 & 14, 2014
Hours Worked: 11:20 @$2.22/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $22.67*
                          (*Exclusive of $2.49 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium


  • I have uploaded most of the Denise's past work updates to Blogger. All posts are saved to drafts, please have a review and let me know about your feedback

Cooperation with Denise:
  • As you advised in one of the high priority video, I have cropped out all Denise's personal information such as full name or email address from all her work diary screenshots.
  • I have also removed the duplicate version of her first week's work update. I have also asked her to provide some screenshots or relevant images so that I can illustrate this post.

Party Games Website Update:
  • Here are recently published posts:
  • Bloody Zombie Kill
  • Hen House Ghost Legend
  •  Distributed more pages via RSS feed

Other Administrative Support:
  • Sent more email messages via different list mailing accounts.
  • Archived all bloglets for future use. Thanks for letting me know about that.