Denise's Daily Work Update - 10 Feb 2014

Work Period: Feb 10, 2014
Hours Worked: 6:00  
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

I started quite late with work today since I wanted to clean up the contents of my computer first. There were a lot of unused files, downloaded pictures and movies, and documents that I wanted to get rid of for good. I wanted to free up my disk space, too, in preparation for my new here.

Also, I bookmarked key sites such as the party games website and Ideal Helper for ways access as well as other pages that were related to my work. Basically, I did sort of a spring cleaning of sorts. I wanted everything to be organized when I start.

Aside from that, I wrote a few things on draft for the side task that Sir Francis gave me about my first week at work.

Then when I finally started, I first watched the video that I was supposed to watch last week. I learned a lot from it especially about the work updates and the initial task I was sent last week. While doing so, I received an email from Francis main virtual assistant telling me to go online tomorrow a little earlier. I made a mental note of that, too.

During the video, I got a gist of my daily tasks. I also got some ‘test tasks’. When I finished it, I went right away to doing finishing what I could. I have to be up early later so I think I will just make up for lost time tomorrow.

First off, I downloaded and installed RescueTime. I took pics and made notes while I did so. That app is really interesting. I will make sure to explore its site even more tomorrow and check out what it can show me since I have to do a review about it.

Next, I checked out three blog posts and commented on them. The Mexican taco article on party games website was very funny. Like the Write or Die article I read on Ideal Helper yesterday.

After so, I finished writing ‘My First Week at Work’. I went off TimeProof for this so I can write freely. And I’d be embarrassed if you can see my errors (especially the wrongly spelled words) on TimeProof before I can correct them. Once I was done, I uploaded it on Google Drive. I will include the links to my email in a while.

So, I guess that’s it.  I still lack about two hours or so for today. Will just work longer tomorrow. =)