Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Work Update - Posting of a New Job Opening for a List Builder

Work Period: July 30 & 31, 2013
Hours Worked: 10:10 @$2.22/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $20.33*
                          (*Exclusive of $2.24 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

(A screenshot from today's work diary)
  • Reposted the same previous job description (after making some little changes) for hiring a new contractor for list mailing project.
  • Already 50+ contractors have applied for the job application (within 30 minutes, I think the current job opening template is greatly helping in this regard because we haven't received so many applicants before this). I have screened some of them and shortlisted 5 of them, but I am still looking for some more applicants till tomorrow.  

Content Building Support:

  • Built and illustrated T3 viral list builder, analyze report was not okay, but still ignorable. The page is ‘nofollow’ ‘noindex’ at the moment and didn’t distribute via Rss.
  • Submitted and published another transcribed blog post about impressum result research, please have a review

Party Games Website Support:

  • Thanks for proofreading the Truth or Dare video HIT on amazon Mechanical Turk, I have published the HIT now, but nobody has submitted any assignment to this HIT so far.
  • Added the said link to ‘Dare, Bloody or Vodka’. The additional line break that you mentioned in the video was due to adsense add.
  • Rotated more pages via Rss.
  • Here are recently published drinking stories:
    • Why I don’t drink with Steve anymore
    • The craziest drinking dare story ever.

Blogger Support:

  • I have accepted your invitation for the outsourcing coaching blog. Created a 160x600 banner and placed into the outsourcing coaching blog please have a review. 
  • Also created a split test between squeeze page sign up form (basic vs V2)

List Mailing Support:

  • I have completed the productivity tracking spreadsheet that we can use as a giveaway for list mailing project. Please have a review of Dropbox
  • Managed Aizha and her tracking sheet, and sent messages via different listmailders where available.
  • I have updated Aizha’s productivity report for the month of July 2013, please have a review of Dropbox
  • Uploaded following work update to diary@ideal-helper:
    • Work Update - Comparison and Analysis of Project List Building

Other Administrative Support:

  • Sorry for the confusion regarding the above chart, actually it represents the overall productivity of both transcriptionist. So according to the data calculations, Maria took 3.70 minutes to transcribe one minute of audio, whereas Abi took 3.32 minutes to transcribe a minute of audio. I know there is not much of a difference in their overall productivity, but I think other charts define the comparison in a better manner.
  • There is a video in the high priority folder (28-07-2013 15-32-04) that I am unable to understand due to high background music. I think its about building T3 viral list builder page, but there are some additional information in the video that I am unable to listen. (Removed)
  • Similarly there is a video in the transcription folder (28-07-2013 15-19-42) has the same problem. (Removed)
  • Added 1:30 hours manual time because once again did the same mistake - Logged into another team on oDesk team application
  • Worked on two pending emails from Kathrin and fixed all proposed issued from both Aweber email messages and linked pages. 
  • Created a new HIT on Mechanical Turk for Truth or Dares over the phone and asked for 10 submissions.
  • Submitted a transcribed bloglet (Catching Up Writing the Diary of My Virtual Assistant), please have a review.