Work Update - Building Tier Pages Out of Long Interview Transcript

Work Period: July 04 & 05, 2013
Hours Worked: 5:30 @$2.22/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $11.00*
                          (*Exclusive of $1.21 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

(A screenshot from today's work diary)

Party Games Website Support:

"I removed aweber pop up forms from homepage because I couldn't disable it from Mobile view.
I have tried to implement an aweber form earlier but as I said earlier It was completely (sorry not completing, it was a typo) distracting the mobile view and you cannot even close the popup form from mobile devices.

I know that we can hide this code with the help of a container box, but this function doesn't work with the javascript.

For ideal helper I've used another html code to disable sharethiswidget, but that code is also not working in this case."

Email List Mailing Update: