Work Update - Craigslist Ad Posting and Alternative Research

Work Period: May 28-29, 2013
Billed Hours: 11 @$2.22/hour
Billed Amount: $24.42
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Easy

(A Screenshot from today's work diary)

Craigslist Support:
Blogger Diary Support:
  • About using WordPress for, I think that for a simple blog like this blogger is sufficient because WordPress would be much more advanced and complicated. 
  • Reminder: Listened to a voicemail, in which you asked me to remind you about $2/hour really? page. 
  • Updated the 4th January 2013's diary page according to your voicemail feedback. Please have a review. its still saved in draft.

Administrative Support:
  • In reply to your voicemail about the 'outsourced job search' subproject, I think nothing is pending for this project and this can be removed from website projects excel sheet. 
  • Turned Mobilizeit! on for ideal-helper, I have tried and tested many online mobile emulating websites but neither of them gave actual preview, most of them had the same desktop preview. Perhaps I will test it again after some time.
  • Also listened and work through all of most of your voicemails, two of them were totally blank and didn't have any audio
  • Sent a reply email to Kareeza (an ex virtual team member), you were also copied there so I hope that you are already aware of it.
  • About upgrading ideal-helper Youtube Channel, the channel is already upgraded to Youtube one. However, I have updated some social media links to its profile.

Party Games Website Support:
  • Linked the said text to wedgies page to Anna and Sarah's Diaper Dare Stories

  • Researched pictures for some pending stories and submitted them all (Publishing only one story a day).
  • Although I still have 5 new/unpublished truth or dare stories, but still I have ordered a new batch of 10 stories via Mechanical Turk.
List-Mailers Support: